Dear beloved friends and amazing Zanté Spa patrons, and our incomparable Deer Valley partner,

The time has come for me to let you know that the Zante Spa location inside the Deer Valley Plaza building, will be closing effective April 1st 2017. This decision comes after much deliberation and deep thought. With that, I sincerely wish to thank each and every one of you for the continued love and support over the years. I/we, have met and helped countless clients and hopefully we made your life a bit more warm sunny after your experience at Zante Spa.

I, Loren, owner and Master Medical Esthetician, will continue to see requested Esthetic clients, privately, at an alternate location TBA, beginning late April 2017. I wish to also thank all the very special, wonderful therapists that have graciously worked with Zante Spa- Acupuncturist, Melanie Buckley Jackson, Wendy Wise- Holistic Healer, Wendy Wise: Energy, Body, Life. And the many, many gifted Massage Therapists as well. They all will be available at Zante Spa through April 1st, and I can also provide a private connection too, should you wish to see any one of them privately after April 1st.

To the amazing Board Certified Plastic Surgeons of Selarom Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, our dear friends, thank you one and all ever so much for all your love, support and friendship, as we move through this transition and beyond... to even bigger adventures!

With love, light and warm blessings~ Loren

435-649-9495 (Office)
808-373-0049 (Cell)

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